360 Waves for Beginners: Beehive Brushing Method

360 Waves for Beginners: Beehive Brushing Method

By now, you’ve probably figured out that there is a process to becoming an Elite Waver. No worries. The 26 King Wavy gang got you all the way, and this post will tell you all you need to know about the beehive brushing method.

While we detail the process, be sure to note the angling method that works best for you throughout your journey. Also, head here to check out our products and ensure you’re fully stocked on everything you need.

How to brush your hair using the beehive method

  • First, grab your hand held mirror and position yourself in front of another mirror so you can see the back of your head
  • Take your King Wavy soft brush and brush the back of your head, from the crown, angling downward
  • Now, brush from the crown to the back of the ear, which is angle two
  • For angle three, vertically brush your hair from the the top, front angle of your head, toward your side burns (be sure to be consistent with the same angle and brushing pattern each time)
  • The fourth angle will be brushing from the top right corner toward your right eyebrow
  • For the fifth angle the top part of your head, brush straight toward the front of your head
  • The sixth angle is the top left corner, brushing toward your left eyebrow
  • Angle seven, brush from the crown of your head, down, toward the left sideburn
  • Angle eight will be the back left corner, brushing down from the crown of your head downward.
  • Repeat each of these steps.

Need the visual Tutorial? Check it out here!

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