How To Avoid Dandruff and Dryness in Your Hair  As A Black Man

How To Avoid Dandruff and Dryness in Your Hair As A Black Man


Dandruff and dryness are common problems that black men face when caring for their hair. This is a condition that causes the skin on the scalp to flake and it appears as a white or light-yellow substance. Dandruff is known to be caused by Malassezia, which is the existence of yeast on the scalp. This existing yeast feeds on the oils in the scalp, therefore, drying it out.

There are many other reasons why we are prone to getting dandruff. These reasons include not shampooing enough, harsh weather conditions, stress, skin sensitivity, oily skin, and also dry skin. The effect of dandruff on the scalp is that makes the skin itchy and raw.

As a black man, your hair is already drier than other hair textures. This means that you are at a higher risk of getting dandruff. And, of course, we all know how unhealthy and unkempt dandruff can make one look. Whether you get dandruff often and want to get rid of it or you just want to avoid getting any dandruff, you are in the right place! In this article we shall outline a few tips on how to avoid these problems and keep your hair healthy. Keep reading to learn more!


  1. Drinking More Water

Before we get to all the external things that you can do to prevent and combat dandruff, it is important to note that hydrating from the inside can be helpful in helping you stay away from the problem of dandruff. Avoid dandruff and dry skin by drinking a minimum of the recommended eight glasses of water on a daily basis. 

  1. Shampooing Regularly

Dandruff can be caused by dirt, sweat, and product buildup on a scalp that is not cleaned regularly. Change your routine to include regular shampoo days to boost the health and cleanliness of your scalp.

It is also important to note that you should avoid shampoos that strip your hair of its natural oils as this can cause dryness. An example of shampoos to avoid us is one that contains sulfates. Instead, opt for hydrating shampoos such as our Mango-infused Shampoo that contains natural ingredients. Our shampoo will leave your hair and scalp clean without stripping it of its natural oils.

  1. Deep Conditioning

In addition to washing your hair regularly, you should also deep condition at least once a month. Deep conditioning your hair and scalp help moisturize them to avoid dry and itchy scalp that might cause dandruff. It is also important to avoid conditioners that contain silicone, as it is not healthy for your hair. It might be tempting to apply the conditioner and rinse it immediately. However, keep in mind that the extra minutes you put into deep conditioning your hair go a long way into ensuring you have a dandruff-free scalp.

  1. Massage Your Scalp

You need to start massaging your scalp daily to see good results. Massaging your scalp stimulates it, therefore, improving blood circulation to the scalp. Improved blood circulation means more nutrients and oxygen reach the scalp. This is good as it helps to improve the health of your scalp and hair. Massaging your scalp also improves its lymphatic drainage system. Improving this system helps to remove toxins, therefore promoting scalp, hair follicle, and hair strand health.

Be sure to get a scalp massager or set aside time to massage your scalp manually in order to reap these benefits. Look for tutorials that’ll direct you on how to massage your scalp, the duration, and everything regarding scalp massages.

  1. Use A Shower Brush

A shower brush is a brush that is used to exfoliate the skin while showering. Incorporate a shower brush into your shampooing routine so as to exfoliate the scalp. Exfoliating the scalp helps to get rid of dandruff-causing agents such as dirt, product buildup, and dead skin. Getting rid of these will help improve your scalp health and avoid dandruff. Exfoliating also helps to improve blood circulation, and it also reduces itchiness. The next time you are shopping, be sure to get a shower brush for your scalp to ensure dandruff is never a problem you have to deal with.

  1. Using Oils 

Since dandruff isa dry skin condition, it is only logical that the use of oils can help deal with it. It is important to oil the scalp a couple of times a week so as to avoid drying. Using antifungal oils such ad peppermint, rosemary, and tea tree can be a complete game-changer. These oil properties help them combat the fungus that might cause dandruff.
Apply the hair oils directly to your scalp and massage them into your skin using the tip of your fingers. Our premium Hair Growth Oil 40z has Moroccan organic oil, sweet almond oil, organic sunflower oil, avocado oil, rice bran oil, and vitamin E. These oils enable it to soften your hair, make it silky, promote growth and combat itchy scalp and dandruff. It also promotes healthy hair growth. Be sure to grab yours today and avoid dandruff.

  1. Adding Oils to Your Shampoo

People with very oily skin might clog the pores with too much oil. Therefore, it is recommended that you infuse your oils of choice into your shampoo. This’ll ensure that your scalp and hair reap the benefits of the oil without necessarily risking getting dandruff.

  1. Visit A Trichologist

A trichologist is a scalp specialist. It might be wise to book yourself an appointment with one so that you ensure your scalp is healthy and functioning at optimum levels. You don’t have to wait until you start experiencing scalp problems. Take time when you are free and go for a check-up.


Final Take Away

Scalp health is of utmost importance for hair growth and a healthy appearance. We’ve outlined some of the best ways to keep black male hair healthy and styled, but if you need more help, our team is here to assist. Our natural shampoo and conditioner are perfect for keeping your scalp and hair healthy


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