You deserve better beard care. Your beard is a badge of honor, an integral part of your appearance. Whether it's because you're looking to get started on your first beard or you're looking to grow one out - either way, you deserve the best beard care possible.

But unfortunately, even when premium quality products are used to care for one's beard, they can't undo the damage done by inferior products. And of course, we aren't just talking about not using enough. It could also be using products that over-dry and damage facial skin, or contain artificial ingredients that could lead to allergic reactions and excessive itchiness down the line.


The good news is that your cares haven't gone unnoticed! Introducing 2-6 King Wavy Beard Balm - 100% natural ingredients that provide lasting nourishment for those tough facial hairs so that you can cut back on grooming costs (and spend more time on important things) without compromising on quality or effectiveness. Not only will this balm improve the condition of any type of beard, but also keep your face healthy and moisturized at all times thanks to high-quality emollients and healing botanicals like argan oil.


December 09, 2022 — Sylus Modlin

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